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Al JOUD Form Money Exchange & Transfers, has both a strong financial history and a rich current financial standing. The company is licensed form the Palestinian Monetary authority (works as a central bank) to practice and provide financial services, including Cash Pick up Money Exchange and Billing since 2012 However the company was established in 1996 and started in providing its services since 1996.The company has two branches, the main branch in Gaza City and the second one in Khan-Younis City. We have an excellent financial position as we are rating as one of the little top leaders of the sector here in Palestine


We strive to be a leader in providing financial services that contribute to our clients' well-being.


Achieving sustainability in leading the Money Exchange sector across all its current and future domains, including fast and international money transfers, foreign currency exchange, bill services, by providing financial services that befit client's aspirations, utilizing the latest technological means that help in achieving this goal.


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Our services

Visit one of our branches or contact one of our contact channels for more information and inquiries. Al-Joud Company is here to help you achieve your financial needs with ease and reliability

Currency Exchange

We offer foreign exchange at competitive rates, flexibility in dealing and the largest possible basket of currencies against the US dollar.

Money transfers

If you need to send money quickly and securely, our transfer service is the ideal choice. We deal with a wide network of international banks and remittance companies to ensure that funds arrive safely and in a short time. Whether the transfers are for personal or business purposes, we can provide customized solutions to suit your needs.

Bill payment service

Where, through our company, pay your bills and your business very quickly and with the highest standards of safety, such as Jawwal company bills, telecommunications, university fees, electricity company, etc...

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